The Black Book Exchange Box would love to work with you!

Please see below for the various ways that you can be involved
with all that TBBEB has to offer.


The Black Book Exchange Box would love to work with you!

Please see below for the various ways that you can be involved with all that TBBEB has to offer.

Charter a Book House

Choose the installation location, the host and commit to the success of the book house. A charter includes:

  • One book house
  • Custom artwork design
  • Complete installation
  • Black book starter bundle
  • Personalized dedication name plate
  • Access to tools and resources to ensure the book house’s success

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Sponsor a Book House

Not ready to host your own book exchange, but would like to see one erected in the community? Consider sponsoring a book house! With your monetary donation TBBEB will:

  • Provide a book house
  • Have it designed consistent with TBBEB’s brand and mission to spotlight Black literature, people, and culture
  • Choose the perfect neighborhood for it to be installed
  • Choose the perfect host
  • Ensure it remains adequately stocked and a pleasure to have in the community

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Host a Book House

Hosts play a vital role in ensuring the overall success of a book house. A host is responsible for overseeing the book house’s organization, keeping it stocked, auditing its inventory to ensure the books meet TBBEB’s standards and helping to promote its presence in the community.

TBBEB hosts:

  • Own the property where the book house is to be installed.
  • Are long-term advocates for reading and literacy initiatives.

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Become an Ambassador

Help spread the word about The Black Book Exchange Box℠ by becoming an Ambassador! Ambassadors work in partnership with Hosts to create buzz in the community around the books houses to garner interest and participation in activity around long-term literacy and reading initiatives. Ambassadors are:

  • Advocates for TBBEB’s mission around Black representation in literature and an ally to Black people and culture.
  • Be an advocate for long-term literacy and reading initiatives
  • Promote TBBEB across various social engagement channels and encourage others to do the same.
  • Plan and participate in TBBEB events such as new book house ribbon-cutting ceremonies and fundraising events.

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Become a Donor

Choose your level of support! These donor level amounts were carefully named after Black authors who have made a lasting impact on Black Literature. All level donors are recognized and promoted on our website as well as all social media outlets as contributors of TBBEB's long-term advocacy goals for community-based literacy and reading initiatives.

Toni Morrison: $1000
James Baldwin: $500
Floyd Cooper: $250

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Charter An Existing Book House

If you already own a book house, we now offer the option to charter an existing book house. The black book exchange box's mission to provide access to books thoughtfully represents black books, authors, culture and stories. We are excited to spread our mission across the globe and this is how! By becoming a charter member, you will have access to the following:

  • A metal plaque that includes your book box charter number and an option to personalize
  • Access to purchase books at an extremely discounted prices through FIRST BOOK
  • Register to promote your book box on our world map featured on our website
  • Access to our charter member page (Coming Soon)
If you are interested, reach out to our Team HERE to discuss how we can get your Book House Chartered!